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We believe in working together hand in hand without discriminating on status economic or otherwise. We do expect tangible output but not at the cost of human values.
Welfare of our colleagues is give top priority and we endeavour to encourage
continuous skill development at all levels whether a senior manager or a shop floor mechanic.
Continuous motivation is key to retain people and we demonstrate that by rewarding the colleagues based on their contribution: work Excellence Award has been constituted recently and more will be added.
A healthy body and mind will deliver maximum and hence adequate care is taken to advise our colleagues not to overdo anything and rather maintain a balance of work and rest and relaxation. This is definitely not to undermine any inevitable urgent circumstances which might crop up and needing immediate attention.
To maintain a sound and peaceful mind we are inculcating a discipline of meditation and some yogic practices for everyone to strictly follow as a mandatory rule book of the company

Meet The Team

Dr. P K AshwiniKumar

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Founder & Director

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Dr. Rakesh K A

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Founder & Director

Manjunath Sangam

Electronics Engineer

Our Mentors

Prasanna Bhagwan
Legal Counsel
Akshay G
Company Secretary
Keshav Raghunathan
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