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Research and Development

What makes us unique?

InnovMon Technologies is in debt to the people from various research departments who are continuously contributing to the success of the company.  Our team is well balanced with individuals across various age groups coming from industry and academia. Each individual is contributing with their specific expertise. 

This combination of people offers exchange of knowledge leading to opportunities in different fields which results in innovative solutions for technical problem.


InnovMon's  state-of-the-art research laboratory and test platform at Bengaluru is the key to success of our three research department.  

Our research departments


EV Power Electronics


Energy storage


Vehicle Design and Optimization

Our ongoing research projects


Hybrid Energy storage system for EV's

Innovative technology comprising of artificial intelligence to reduce the impact on Li-ion battery technology thereby improving the life of energy storage system 


EV fast charger

A unique innovative fast charger is being developed which reduces the recharging time by 50% parallelly respecting the temperature limits set by manufacturer. 

IP Chest

As per the company policy we believe strongly in innovating continuously to provide quality products to the society for a enjoyable and satiated life on a sustainable basis. Also, To achieve the objectives, we have developed few products which are useful for use in any electric vehicle be it a simple bi-cycle, a two wheeler or a 3 wheeler. In this section of IP Chest we will update periodically such products and list the Intellectual property applied for protection, granted and utilised for growth in business, society and economy. Not only we will notify our own IP portfolio, but also list engagement with other businesses, academia and Research and Development institutions with whom we collaborate and generate IP, license IN or license OUT.

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